Montag, 02.09.2013

My first school day....!

My school is very far from my home so i have to take the schoolbus at 6:30 and arrive at school at 7am.


I have to get up beetween 5:15 and 5:45 every morning except weekend *Yeeyy*Lächelnd and arrive at home at 7pm. Weinend


The schoolbus is only for teachers and exchange students and i have to take a different schoolbus than the other Afs guys, so I'm alone in a schoolbus with many teachers.....*upps*


Okayy lets write about the "important/ funny" things: Zwinkernd


When I went in my classroom (I'm in senior one, class four), everyone *66 Students* were clapping in their hands for me...Überrascht I was very profoundly shocked and did'nt know what to do...actually it was really funny so i just smiled^^


I sit beside too guys in the corner next to the windows inb the first line. Our first lesson was enlisch so first i was very happy:"Yes Englisch I will understand and can join the lesson Lachend" Suddenly the teacher said a vocabulary and all 66 Students shouted at the same time the same vocabulary for two times! I was really shoked and I'm still wondering about this kind of learning...Unentschlossen and their englisch level is really low like fifth grade for me.


The others subjekts are impossible for me becuase its in chinese and i can't understand anything, so it's very BORING!Verschlossen


Today was the fisrt schoolday for everyone thats why we had "hosting the flag"-ceremony. It was excited: we had to stand trim in lines, with our hands on our side, listen carefully and follow the orders quick. *like military* Cool(ohh did you know all coming senior one students have to absolve a military-camp to enter the highschool?) Then we had to look at the flag, while the national anthem was playing. I'm not able to deschribe this momentan because its just awesome Lachendyou standing on a big sportsfield together (with I do'nt know how many studets but much more than in my gymnasium...!) in trim lines/ blogs and looking at "your" flag and listen to "your" national anthem! I will never forget this moment  The negative thing is that they talked about 2 housr after the ceremonyÜberrascht...I almost died...Stirnrunzelnd


At noon i met my afs "friends" to have lunch together....the cafetreia has three floors and is very, very crowdy....it was difficult to understand the system and we did'nt know what we have to do so we just picked one line and get somethong to eat! It was poatatos with some kind of meat and rice, it tasted horrible....my stomach still hurts Brüllend


Aternoon classes (especially and only for us six foreignerCool; most of the time in englisch) are better than morning classes but still boringUnentschlossen


That was my first school day sometimes ineresting sometimes just boring.... Zunge raus

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Dienstag, 27.08.2013

Who-is-Who?? :o

In this Blogentry I want to introduce all the important person, who will be meantion in the following blog entries.

Zicong: He's our volunteer and friend. He lives with us in Zhengzhou. He's chinese and went with Afs to Germany years ago.

Andreas: He's an exchange student in my school. He's from Denmark and 16 years old.

Benjamin: He's an exchange student in my school. He's from Hungary and 17 years old.

Cartoon: She's an exchange student in my school. She's from Thailand and 15 years old.

Chiara: She's an exchange student in my school. She's from Italy and 17 years old.

Nick: He's an exchange student in my school. He's also from Italy and 16 years old.

Fynn: He's an exchange student in my city.  He's also from Germany. 

Idun: She's an exchange student in my city. She's from Norway.

Jacqueline: She's an exchange student in my city. She's also from Italy.

Kelly: She's my chinese-classmate and 15 years old.

Anna:  She's my chinese-classmate and 15 years old.

Tina:  She's my chinese-classmate and 15 years old.

Shao Kai: He's my classmate and 17 years old.

Selina: She's my chinese-friend, who goes also to my school. She is in the third grade.

Shuang Yi: She's my chinese-friend, who goes also to my school. She is in the second grade.

Yu Xuan: He's my chinese-friend, who goes also to my school. He's in the second grade and went last/ this year to Germany.

Deborah: She's chinese and our mandarin teacher.

Zhang Mei: She's my host mother.

Cui Yu Lin: She's my host sister. Nickname: Lin

Cui Sheng: He's my host father.

Tamara: She's my friend from America. She's 17 years old and works in a kindergarden in Zhengzhou.

Savannah: She's my friend from America. She's 17 years old and works in a kindergarden in Zhengzhou. She and Tamara live together.

LuLu: She's my chinese-friend.

Dienstag, 27.08.2013

My new home! :)

Our home is ca. 5 minutes with the bus far from the middleschool (It's the place where all the other exchnagestudents live) and the nearest Bus stop is a 10 minute walk from my home. This Bus stop is very big and almost every Bus stops there.

Next to my home is a University, so my strret has many shops (especially for food) and our strre is very dirty, because the students just throw their rubbish on the street.Brüllend

5 min. away is a footballfield and a big basketballfield with many baskets.

Our apartment has a guard, who has a dog named PowPow, the dog looks so funny and cute!Lächelnd

We're living in the fifth floor without elevator. We have a big (for China big) living and dinning room, small kitchen, 3 bed rooms (my parents room, my sisters room and my), a closed balcony and a very small office behind my parents room.

My room has a big bed, a desk, many shelfs filled with books and a little cupboard, which is the opposite of big enough for my few clothes i brought from Germany...Weinend PowPow My room my room   

Montag, 26.08.2013

How I met my host family, a day I remember laughingly about me^^

Today I arrived in Zhengzhou and met my host family, I was very excited to meet them!Überrascht

I had so many questions in my head:

"What should I say?"

"Should I hug them?"

"What if they dont like me?"

I also thought about whether I'm not pretty enough,Reingefallen I know that was just a stupid thought, because there were so many!

Then I hadn't time to think about that anymore, I droped out of the car and they saw me....I regonized them at once! In this moment my heartbeat got faster and faster and from this moment everthing happened far away, how my opened her arms and i just huged her without thinking...It was probably the strangest hug in my life. The hole situation was just occured and I was completly back my thought clear and my biggest whish was to run away. Of course I didn't and I'm glad about it! Hahah Zwinkernd

After I smiled and wished the greeting, our teacher everything will go over fast, my family finally took me to a small restaurant to have breakfast. (It was almost 8 in the morning).

They couldn't explain me what the differnt soups were, so I chose the only one my host mum could translate...pumpkin soup. I was so excited I didn't even realize that I hate pumpkin soupLachend Haha.. until the waitress brought us the dishes and I tried my soup.Stirnrunzelnd

It was horrible every new spone of soup, or how I could call It crapulence liquid, I wished my tong would be numb...!Brüllend

Instead of telling my mother I hate that soup and It makes me sick, I just said: "mmhh...It's very good!" 

I was just too shyVerlegen to tell the truth or left some over, no I ate the whole big bowl of that devil brew. I never ate something worse like that before. 

The rest of the day the showed me my new home and we went together to a supermarket.

OMG...the supermarket was so crowded, you hardly could find your way through, but there were so many snacks, cookies, candys.....I found coke and everything is so cheap for a moment i felt like a ten years old girl in the paradise city! Unschuldig

Samstag, 24.08.2013

My first visit: Great Wall

Today we spend a visit wit Afs to the great wall.Lächelnd


For me was it the first time to visit one of the eigth/ seven world wonder...so i was very excited Zwinkernd


Now after i visited the famous great wall i can say...DO IT! Just do it....It's so fantasict!!Überrascht It's simple beautiful and i hope i can visit a part again...Lachend


Two tips:


1) take enough water with you and wear something comfortable, you have to walk many stairs!Zwinkernd


2) choose a beautiful but not too hot dayZunge raus


We had a beautiful but very hot day and we almost died because it's so strenously, soooo HOTCool and so many stairs....!


At least i want to say that no matter how hard the way is, the view is so wonderfull...it's really rewarding!Küssend

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Freitag, 23.08.2013

My first Day in the country besides Russia :D

Dies ist der erste Eintrag in meinem neuen Blog. In Zukunft werde ich hier über meine Erlebnisse im Ausland berichten^^.


After we said goodbye to our families we went alone on board and flew with Lufthansa to our first stop - Bejing! Lachend 


We had our own "Tv" so i looked some movies and soup and observed the sunset, sunrise and later the chinese mountains and the great wall. Zunge raus


The flight was very quickly for me and suddenly I walked at the airport from Bejing in CHINA!! The airport ist giantic and simble incredible....Überrascht


The Afs Volunteers took us to the Hotel, there we will have a three days orientation.


In the Hotel we met a lot of the other Afs Students (from Thailand, Denmark, Switzerland, France, America......).Lächelnd


Now we are looking together chines TV and laughing about some really shit shows.^^


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